Building The QC

Building the QC is your source for all the latest happenings in the Quad Cities. Quad Cities offers lot of opportunities for its residents and investors. Active communities, developments, education, jobs, life style, and social activities make Quad Cities a popular destination for many. Acting as a bridge between the past and the future, Quad Cities has something for everybody.

The geographical location of the Quad Cities make it the center of many interesting activities. Quad cities were basically the four cities in the two states joined by one river are creating multiple fun activities. Currently, the Quad Cities expand to the six counties, Scott, Clinton, Muscatine, Rock Island, Henry, and Mercer counties covering over 300 miles of radius. The proximity to Chicago and Des Moines have made the Quad Cities a brilliant area for investment. Quad cities is the head quarters for many companies and has attracted workforce. Business and entertainment go hand-in-hand for Quad City residents.